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[September 07, 2009 | 02:05 PM]
[ mood | lazy ]

i finally gave in and made a twitter.
add me :)

[December 16, 2007 | 03:55 PM]
Dear Friends of Massachusetts (or friends with knowledge of Massachusetts),
Does anyone know how far/close the Palladium is to the Commuter Rail station in Worcester? Roughly how much a taxi would cost? I absolutely have to go to the treos show next wednesday...I am not accepting defeat.

[November 14, 2007 | 09:58 PM]
Cameron Diaz came into my store twice today (sadly before I started)
she told someone there she loved our store, and we were "so nice">

I saw the grossest bug at work today, EVER.


Friends Cut [December 05, 2005 | 09:17 PM]
[ mood | cranky ]

If you are no longer on my list one of these may be the reason why.
You never update, and/or never comment.
I just honestly do not read your journal.
I have no clue who you are.
We never really clicked.
You switched to a new journal, and never deleted the old one [obv I deleted the old one]

It's nothing personal. If it really gets you that upset then get off the computer and go make some friends.

If you think i may have accidently deleted you get in contact with me and tell me.

[April 23, 2005 | 08:30 PM]
[ mood | busy ]


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